Business Software for Wholesalers, Point of Sale and Importers

Choosing the correct Business Software provider is one of the most important decisions you will make on behalf of your business. Changing your software is a challenge, I don’t care what anyone says or how prepared they purport to be. There is always going to be features you have not discussed, you probably thought you had everything covered in the due diligence phase but on the day or in the few days following the changeover you’re going to remember all the quirks of the old business software that you took for granted. I have personally converted over 100 small business sites and not one didn’t have a quirk that the business owner or one of their staff realised they needed after the fact. So it’s important that you have sized up the Software provider properly. Imagine you are dealing with an agent and not the software company itself? You may find that it takes days or weeks to make small changes to the application and so making the new software very uncomfortable. That’s if changes can be made at all. So be clear on the position and influence the person you are dealing with has when changes are required. You’re not going to get all your requests through though and some you may find you don’t need. Often I find clients following practices in their business which will not be necessary in the new software because of improvements. So ask yourself why you do something a certain way, not how you can duplicate the action in the new business software. Also don’t think you can bully the Software Company into making changes, they probably have hundreds if not thousands of other clients who are using the same application and have to consider how your wish list of changes will affect all the existing clients.

Onto the act of choosing the Software.1st how long has the company been around and how many clients do they have. How is their business structured? If the company has not got a steady income stream from licensing then how long will they be in business? Work out if they need new business to stay in business or if their support is funded from licensing. If their support team if funded from new sales then in slow times you’ll find that they shrink their support staff which won’t help you at all. The performance of the Software is only half the game, the quality and consistency of the support team is so important. What turnover of staff do they have, are their dedicated support staff and how many. Our Ration is 1/100 one Support person for each 100 clients. Seems lean but also shows how stable our product is.

Jewelry Business Software – Changing Your Hobby To A Small Business

Jewelry business software is ideal for the beading devotee who is overrun with jewelry pieces that they have made out of the passion for the hobby. If you think this sounds familiar to you it might be time to commence making a few dollars out of all your hard work you have put into making these works of art. In order to effect the conversion from hobby to small business simply, jewelry business software is vital. Even though you are just starting to make the adjustment from hobby to small business, it is even better to launch your brand new business on an automated foundation using jewelry business software as opposed to doing it manually.

You need to be efficient and retain exact records once you establish a business. If you start off manually and then convert to an automatic system at a later time you could find there is added work involved. On the proviso you put the suitable effort into beginning your small business you will notice that it will grow and it will do so rapidly. Therefore you will find yourself needing something automated anyway so it is best to start off automatic particularly in the technology period that we are in at the moment. Technology should be your friend subsequently make certain it is yours. Jewelry business software is the technology that you must have for your beading business.

When you are changing your hobby into a business, you need to think of it as a business, not merely a hobby. You will be able to go on doing what you love, which is designing your jewelry but you need to adjust your mindset. You need to produce a business mindset. For instance you need to remember that you are now deriving an income from this small business of yours you have began from a successful hobby. Jewelry business software will make it easier for you in building your knowledge on how to develop your income.

At the same time the income of your new small business is to be grown so is your clientele listing. Sustaining customer information is a paramount component of any business, small or large. Your jewelry business software can assist in doing this in a uncomplicated technique. As you grow your client register, your revenue will rise.

You will notice that a good jewelry business software package will have heaps of things to offer you in helping you set up your new business. Be sure to take a bit of time in picking the correct software system for your needs as you will discover a several different types out there. The great thing about jewelry business software packages is that they enable you to keep on making your masterpieces, whilst at the same time making a bit of superfluous cash.

5 Must-Have Martial Arts Business Software Features

Running a martial arts school requires many hats. One of those hats includes administration including tracking employee time, student contact management, marketing, sales, scheduling and course curriculum development, and of course teaching martial arts.

My bet is you like teaching more than sitting in an office taking care of the management of your martial school. The bad news is if you run a martial arts school you must spend some time administrating your business. The good news is you can now get some pretty cool software that speeds up and in fact enhances your administrating tasks.

The key administrating tasks include:

  • Student contact management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and revenue generator
  • Employee management
  • Scheduling and curriculum development

In a nutshell, the best martial arts business management software is a platform that is integrated and takes care of all these administrative tasks. This way you avoid duplicated data entry and in fact can leverage the existing data.

What do I mean by leveraging existing data?

Harnessing software as it should be harnessed means minimizing input time and maximizing production. For example, one big task involved in running a martial arts school is student contact / info management. You must maintain student information. Another big task is scheduling. You must schedule your classes and perhaps private lessons.

You can leverage your client contact information with scheduling by having the two data sets integrated. So, if you input a private lesson, you can easily access your client contact database from your scheduling software so with a click you update your schedule rather than input client information from scratch.

Let me give you a better example. Suppose you have email software that is integrated with your scheduling software. When your schedule is revised or a student signs up for a slot, you can program and integrate the email marketing software with your email marketing so that your student receives reminders about the scheduled appointment or class.

These are just two of many time-saving examples you get when you get the right martial arts business software.

Before I list the 5 must-have features, the over-arching requirement is that your software have all these features so integrations is built-in. This way you harness the benefits of leveraging your time and resources.

What are the 5 Must-Have Martial Arts Business Software Features?

1. Robust Scheduling Software

  • You need scheduling software that does the following:
  • Integrates with a robust email software
  • Is centralized so when you make a change in the schedule, it’s replicated wherever you have your schedule digitally posted (i.e. other computers and your website(s))
  • Enables auto-pay so that you can collect money up front digitally. This alone pays for any software upgrade. Money up front processed automatically is much better than chasing money.

2. Robust Student Contact Management

You want a centralized database where your student information is retained. It’s a lot of work managing student profiles, contact information, payment information, etc. When you have it in a properly constructed database with fields, you leverage your data input in many ways by integrating the database with other administrative tasks. It’s also easier inputting new data and/or revising existing data.

3. Payroll Management

Martial arts schools often have several teachers earning money at different pay rates. It’s not fun tracking how much each teacher is owed over with inadequate software (Excel anyone – I don’t mean to badmouth Excel, it’s excellent – it’s simply not designed for tracking such data).

4. Sales and Revenue Generation

  • Credit card processing that integrates with your client contact database. Moreover, you want credit card processing you can do on the computer rather than separate hardware. It’s much more convenient.
  • Enable online payments and auto-billing. When someone schedules classes online, why not collect money automatically and immediately. The less time you spend processing and chasing money, the more time you have to build your business and do what you love – teach martial arts and develop courses.
  • Gift Card Capability
  • Gift cards can be a wonderful revenue generator. Make it easy for your students to get friends and family into your school with gift cards.
  • Retail and E-commerce: If you’re not selling gear, apparel, gift cards, etc. then you’re leaving money on the table. Moreover, having gear and apparel available for your students is a nice customer service touch.

5. Marketing Capability

One of the best ways to get new business and generate more and ongoing sales from your existing students is using sophisticated email marketing. Don’t rely on gmail or Outlook. Get an autoresponder email system that integrates with your student contact database and scheduling software.

You want to customize your email messages to prospective students and current students. You also want to auto-generate email messages as much as possible – such as new class openings, class reminders, private lesson reminders, etc. When you integrate your email software with your scheduling software, you can significantly ramp up your communication with students with very little time or effort.

If you don’t have a fully integrated software system for your martial arts business, then chances are you’re duplicating work and not leveraging as much as you can to reduce inputs while increasing outputs. The email marketing and contact database integration alone gives benefits sufficient to warrant the cost of more sophisticated software.

However, when you add in credit card processing, auto-billing, and e-commerce opportunities, you can seriously grow your martial arts business while spending less time in front of the computer and more time in class with students.