Benefits of Integrated Business Software

Lately, the term “Integrated Business Software” has been used very freely within the business software industry. Improper or incomplete terminology by the software makers leads only to further confusion and misunderstanding of the true meaning of fully integrated business software. When a company offers a variety of compatible software products, it does not always make them integrated.

However, when a software is conceived and taken through its development and evolution processes as a single database system with various interconnected business software modules seamlessly communicating with the database and each other, only then one can truly call it an Integrated Business Software.

Integrated business software has lots of advantages over its non or pseudo integrated counterparts. Most of these benefits come from the usage of a single system wide database.

First of all, your data is stored in a centralized location making it accessible from anywhere using any of its individual integrated elements. Any of the company business data from manufacturing, supply chain management, financing, human resources, customer relationship management and others is shared instantly throughout your organization based on a specific set of predefined access rules, therefore allowing the right people to have access to the right information. For example, managers and other superiors can keep track and monitor the entire business processes from development to post sales support.

Second of all, when using a single database software, your information security is maximized. On a properly setup system the information is practically fail safe and much easier to maintain and support as opposed to the other systems.

Third of all, your entire organization “speaks the same language” when it comes to any business processes. It completely eliminates problems and delays related to using different formats and standards. Time required for training new employees is minimized as well.

Finally, another great benefit of using such business software is that such system will fully meet company’s initial requirements by utilizing specific elements of the software suite. And because it uses a single database, it is also future safe, allowing you to add additional modules later on, without having to repurchase or reconfigure your existing system. The new elements are simply added without any incompatibility issues.

These are just some of the more important and obvious benefits one can expect from using a truly integrated software. The overall outcome of using such system will have a much more drastic impact on your organization’s performance. It will dramatically improve efficiency and productivity (like any business productivity software does) of any company’s activities related to software use, which is what any company regardless of its size and structural complexity always strives for.